Statement on Illegitimate
Impeachment and Jan 6th
Statement on Illegitimate
Impeachment and January 6th

By Ali Alexander
Founder, Stop the Steal Movement

President Donald J. Trump is being wrongly accused of incitement and insurrection.

Let me say in no uncertain terms:

Stop the Steal has proof President Trump did not incite an insurrection.

Excerpts from President Trump’s speech on January 6th--an event permitted to Women for America First but hosted by a coalition of groups--may be interpreted, by some, as negligent. President Trump gave an impassioned speech encouraging supporters to participate in a permitted event outside the US Capitol building. We were to be loud and in support of Rep. Paul Gosar’s (R-Az.) original objection and Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Tx.) proposal for a commission to review the merit of the objections.

The idea that President Trump wanted to supplant the Stop the Steal event permitted by US Capitol Police is ludicrous; so, too, is the idea that President Trump wanted to interrupt our allies, Rep. Gosar and Sen. Cruz, while they were presenting our case, both, to their colleagues and the American public.

Unbeknownst to President Trump, there was a last-minute ploy by two Women for America First employees to exclude programming providing the public with clear and concise instructions of where to meet next. This decision was contrary to an agreement held by all organizing groups. Regrettably, this decision also laid the groundwork for confusion, chaos, and ultimately civil unrest.

I have wanted this information to be made public for weeks. For weeks, event organizers and law enforcement have possessed the knowledge that President Trump was never directing an insurrection against our government. The entire premise of this impeachment is provably false. President Trump’s address that day was always meant to have followed specific instructions. He was not sending an unruly mob to the Capitol building. Stop the Steal had permitted space on Capitol Hill and had worked with the US Capitol Police for weeks to secure a safe and orderly event near the Capitol building.

President Trump now stares down an illegitimate impeachment trial because of a decision made by saboteurs and information not yet made public.

Women for America First made a conscious decision to eliminate the prepared and specific instructions guiding protestors to Lot 8 on Capitol Hill permitted to Stop the Steal by US Capitol Police for our “One Nation Under God” event. Instructions were to be given from the stage at the Ellipse and displayed on the Jumbotron.

Women for America First and at least one Trump campaign advisor betrayed President Trump by intentionally eliminating the clear directions meant for the million-plus patriots Stop the Steal had assembled to hear President Trump.

President Trump was unaware of this catastrophic failure when he gave his keynote address. His general comments about walking to the US Capitol were meant to point people to what was supposed to be the previously mentioned Lot 8, permitted to us by the Capitol Police not the physical building itself.

This is the first time this information is being made available to the general public.

This last minute negligence by Women for America First--run by the Kremer family--spiraled the nation into chaos. Stop the Steal remains in support of federal investigations probing the decision-making processes that led to the civil unrest, as well as civil wrongful death claims from families who lost loved ones. We were all hijacked.

In contrast to the chaos at the Capitol, the Stop the Steal movement for election integrity remained peaceful. Over a 10-week period, Stop the Steal hosted nearly two million Americans in approximately 600 to 1000 protests in all 50 states.

The premeditated actions of bad actors not only disgraced our Capitol but also disrupted both the Stop the Steal sponsored event at the Ellipse and the Stop the Steal organized event at Lot 8 on Capitol Hill permitted by US Capitol Police.

Those who attacked officers or destroyed public property deserve their day in court, judged by their peers. However, I won’t succumb to the hysteria arguing we should jail all patriots who either knowingly participated in civil disobedience or were unknowingly ushered into the Capitol by uniformed law enforcement or agitators.

Additionally, we have evidence of agitators who ushered protestors into the US Capitol building and away from the US Capitol grounds where Stop the Steal was to have our US Capitol Police sanctioned event.

This evidence exonerates any claims of incitement. Our non-association with these photographed and recorded agitators proves both Stop the Steal and President Trump did not participate in any conspiracy to commit insurrection.

I applaud law enforcement where they have pursued cases of violence or destruction of public property indiscriminate of politics. Most cases we have reviewed seem to fit in this category.

I, Ali Alexander, am publicly stating what I’ve already privately told officials: I remain ready to publicly testify before Congress and Almighty God to the events that led to and occurred on January 6, 2021.

Christ is King.


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